Monday Hot Reads: Why Bull Market Is Alive & Well For ETFs

May 08, 2017

Compiled by Staff

Why The Bull Market Is Alive & Well For ETFs (Investopedia)
ETF investors tend to be more tactical, while mutual fund investors are more strategic.


Passive Aggressive Investing (A Wealth Of Common Sense)
ETFs may track indexes, but they're not being used in a passive manner.


Leveraged ETFs Fall Out Of Fashion As Market Waves Subside (MarketWatch)
The low-volatility environment has been a big reason leveraged ETFs have seen massive outflows recently.


Bitcoin ETF’s IPO Doubles To $1B As Price Returns To $1,600 (CoinTelegraph)

Barry Silbert’s Bitcoin Investment Trust has doubled its IPO amount.


VIX Tells Us Very Little About Tomorrow

All the hand-wringing because the “fear index” has fallen below 10 is a waste of time.


A Dividend ETF To Retire On (Seeking Alpha)

While trying to decide between individual stocks can be extremely difficult, choosing an ETF will be easier for investors.


Fed’s Bloated Balance Sheet: Preparing For The Great Unwind (SPDR Blog)

While the Fed may not have addressed the balance sheet at its last meeting, investors are waiting for more details on this massive undertaking.


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