Hot Reads: SEC ‘On The Clock’ With Bitcoin ETFs

Plus, Fed policy changes could be coming.

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Cboe Kicks Off Bitcoin ETF Clock With VanEck Filing (Coindesk)

The Chicago Board Options Exchange has officially filed to list shares of VanEck’s bitcoin ETF.


Fed Policy Changes Could Be Coming (CNBC)

The Federal Reserve could have two policy tweaks in store as soon as this month, investors and economists say.


Bucket Investors Aren’t Sweating Lower Yields (Morningstar)

In Morningstar’s latest stress test, the strategy has delivered cash flows and held the portfolio's value steady.


Will Higher Interest Rates Kill Growth Stocks? (Irrelevant Investor)

To say interest rates are one of several inputs instead of the only input is not to minimize their importance, but to state reality.


5 Top ETF Areas In Green Last Week In A Red Market (Zacks)

A few ETF spaces that gained the most last week despite a freefall in the market.


Free Of IPO Constraints, SPACs Can Make ‘Absurd’ Financial Projections (Institutional Investor)

This hedge fund manager says the fallout is coming.


Real Estate Stocks Holding Up As Yields Soar (ETF Edge)

An interesting dynamic is playing out in the REITs sector.