Hot Reads: These Alt ETFs Are Surging

September 02, 2020

Compiled by Staff


Alt Investment ETFs Up (Wealth Management)
GLD,” “SPY” and CWB benefiting from inflationary expectations.


Investors Dump "Dead Weight" Cash-Like ETFs (Bloomberg)
'SHV' posts 14 straight weeks of outflows in longest streak ever.


August Clocks Monster Gains (Zacks)
These five exchange-traded fund areas are up at least 20%.


Will Fed Shift Help The Economy? (The Hill)
Probably not, according to one economics professor. 


‘BETZ’ Bursts Onto The Scene (Benzinga)
The ETF has quickly become a 2020 success story.


My Husband, The Robinhood Trader (Blair Belle Curve)
Sometimes there's benefit to giving clients the reins. A little.


No, Robinhood Traders Aren't Affecting The Stock Market (Of Dollars & Data)
On the rise of retail day trading.


How ESG Data Affects Investor Choices (ThinkAdvisor)
Even during market turbulence, investors value sustainability considerations, researchers found.


2 Variables That Drive Stock Prices (Wealth of Common Sense)
Investing: one part fundamentals, one part emotion.


Investors Incur ‘Considerable’ Costs From Index Rebalances (ETF Stream)
What can index providers do to address the issue?


Studies On Endowment Underperformance Cherry Picked (Institutional Investor)
Recent studies showing colleges and universities lagging far behind a plain vanilla portfolio are flawed.

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