Thurs. Hot Reads: The $200B ETF Man, Dan Draper

May 03, 2018

Compiled by Staff


$200B Man: How To Build An ETF Powerhouse (Forbes)
QQQ’ just tip of the iceberg for Invesco’s ETF business.


Active Funds Clobbered Benchmarks In April (Barron’s)
Sorry, T.S. Eliot: April was far from cruel for fund managers.


Which Is Better: Hedged Or Unhedged ETFs? (Canstar)
Pros and cons of each.


Global Gold Demand Drops To Lowest In A Decade (MarketWatch)
Overall global gold demand falls to its lowest Q1 level since 2008, driven by a slump in demand for gold bars and gold ETFs.


Apple Earnings Lift Tech ETFs (Barron's)
XLK,’ ‘VGT’ and ‘IYW’ were all higher.


‘Slippery Slope’ Of ESG Demands (Institutional Investor)
"We have to earn a return," said Ontario Teachers' CEO.


Getting Replaced By Better Robots (Abnormal Returns)
Nobody is irreplaceable these days.


Behind The Attacks On Wealthfront (Financial Planning)
The little guys push the big guys to be better. Doesn't mean the big guys like it.


What Tesla Teaches Us About High-Yield Bond ETFs  (WisdomTree)

Tesla builds exciting cars, but are investors being compensated enough to lend Tesla money?


Will Bond ETFs Maintain Momentum In May? (Nasdaq)
Investors seeking protection from rising rates turned to short-duration bond funds in April.

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