Thurs. Hot Reads: 4 ETF Winners In A Trade War

June 28, 2018

Compiled by Staff


4 ETFs That Win In A Trade War (Barron's)
'SCHA,' 'XLF,' 'KRE' and 'PSCI' are four winners in a trade war, according to one analyst. 


ETF Investors Scoop Up ‘GOVT’ In Latest Trade Anxiety (Bloomberg)
One trader bought 5 million shares of BlackRock’s Treasury fund.


Investors Could Spark The Next Crisis (Bloomberg)
Valued for their simplicity, ETFs pose worrying risks.


Real Story About Growth In China (BlackRock)
Near term, the outlook is solid, but trade disputes could have a real impact on growth.


Some ETFs Run Like ‘Shell-Game Scam’ (MarketWatch)
Does intraday pricing mean arbitrageurs profit at individual investors' expense?


What Few People Tell You About Overvalued Markets (Reformed Broker)
Sometimes the fundamentals arrive to justify them.


4 Sector ETFs Braved Trade Turmoil In Q2 (Zacks)
These funds beat key equity gauges.


Financial Constraints Generate Alpha? (Alpha Architect)
Research paper finds financially constrained firms have higher excess returns.


Fact, Fiction & The Size Effect (SSRN)
Put the size effect under the microscope and it disappears. 

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