Thurs. Hot Reads: BlackRock’s 3 Investing Ideas for Q2

April 19, 2018

Compiled by Staff


3 Investing Ideas For Q2 (BlackRock)
How should investors position their portfolios for the economy ahead?

Bond Investing: Reach For Safety (Alpha Architect) 
Recent paper suggests new approach to bonds involving screening based on quality and value factors. 


How Options Can Help With Achieving Defined Outcomes (Indexology)
Incorporating options in an index can result in a replicable defined outcome strategy.


ESG Ratings Help Investors Pick Winning EMs (Think Advisor)
New research explains why investors should weigh ESG in emerging markets. 


US Pension Fund Collapse Could Come In 5 Years (Bloomberg)
Kicking the can down the road won't work much longer.


Leveraged ETFs: Loser’s Game? (US News & World Report)
These ETFs amplify risk; they’re best left to day traders and professional investors.


Size Effect Working With Health Care ETFs (MarketWatch)
Case in point: ‘PSCH.’


Bank Stocks Struggle Despite Strong Earnings (Bloomberg)
U.S. banks churning out profits like never before; shareholders just aren’t feeling it.


$3 Gasoline Coming Soon As Crude Jumps (CNBC)
Prices at the pump expected to top $3/gallon for unleaded gas in many parts of the country as summer driving season approaches.


Winners & Losers Of A US-China Trade War (MSCI)
Nowhere is really safe from the slowdown that would likely result, but some sectors in certain regions might do better than others. 


Behind iShares’ Diversified Foreign Large-Blend ETF (Morningstar)
Ultra-cheap ‘IDEV’ has attracted more than $900 million in net creations in a year.


Scotiabank Getting Into ETF Business (Seeking Alpha)
Bank filed preliminary prospectus for listing four ETFs by its 1832 Asset Management unit.

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