Thurs. Hot Reads: Coinbase Eyes Bitcoin ETF

March 08, 2018

Compiled by Staff


Coinbase Eyes Bitcoin ETF With New Cryptocurrency Index Fund (ForexTV)
Coinbase has already been dubbed the Goldman Sachs of bitcoin. Now it would offer an index with a fund to follow.


Compelling & Little Known Dividend ETF (Seeking Alpha) 
An in-depth analysis of the fairly new ‘SPDV,’ with comparison to the dominant iShares fund. Live! (
Join Managing Director Dave Nadig for a live session at 11:30 a.m. ET today, where he'll answer your ETF questions in real time. 


Short Term Bond ETFs Back In Favor? (Nasdaq)
Expectations of rate hikes could boost the performance of certain fixed-income ETFs.


How Vanguard's Active Factor ETFs Are Different (Morningstar) 
A discussion of Vanguard's recent (and surprising to some) rollout of factor funds.

How Much It Costs To Mine A Single Bitcoin In Your Country (MarketWatch)
Looking to mine on the cheap? Try Venezuela.


ETFs Can Help DB Plans With Risk, Liquidity (PlanAdviser)
They're more tax efficient and help alleviate due diligence process.


Fear & Greed Are Undefeated (Reformed Broker)
Emotional, irrational people will find ways to make both good and bad decisions, inconsistently, regardless of where their capital is held.


Names Circulating To Replace Cohn (Bloomberg)
Names allegedly circulating include Goldman Sachs Group executive Jim Donovan, Council of Economic Advisors Chairman Kevin Hassett, and trade advisor Peter Navarro.

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