Thurs. Hot Reads: Enjoy Your ETF Tax Dodge, For Now

March 29, 2018

Compiled by Staff


Enjoy ETF Tax Dodge While You Can (Forbes)
How do ETFs duck taxable cap gains distributions?


The One ETF Everyone Should Own (Seeking Alpha)
SCHD' has delivered strong returns, above-average yields and has one of the lowest ERs.


Despite Recent Wreck, Tech ETFs Luring Investors (MarketWatch)
Of the 10 stocks analysts are most bullish on, five are members of XLK's roster.


Exotic ETF Trading Resurging (Bloomberg)
Inverse ETFs have seen trading activity skyrocket.


Betterment Reboots RIA Business (RIABiz)
New director of Betterment For Advisors to make robo more like classic RIA custodians.


Come To Terms With Market Transition (Reformed Broker)
Investors need recipe of context, patience, acceptance and stoicism.


How To Avoid Worst Sector ETFs Of Q1 2018 (Seeking Alpha)
The large number of ETFs has little to do with serving your best interests.


Do Mega Deals Actually Benefit Buyer Shareholders? (FactSet)
After acquisition, acquirers' stocks tend to underperform. 

Smart Beta Institute Warns Against Smart Beta (Institutional Investor)
Hidden risks stuffed into factor products.


Investing Implications Of New Brexit Deal (BlackRock) 
Does new Brexit transition offer relief for U.K. stocks? 


What's In A Sector? (Indexology) 
How to do an in-depth sector analysis.


4 Int'l Stock ETFs With Monthly Dividends (Nasdaq) 
It's harder to get a reliable stream of income from international stocks, but these ETFs do so.

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