Thurs. Hot Reads: ETFs Causing Market Turmoil?

November 08, 2018

Compiled by Staff


ETFs Practice Passive Aggression (Bloomberg)

October market gyrations can be partly traced to changes in membership of popular indexes.


Vanguard Out As #1 In Robo Performance (Wealth Management)

Big incumbent asset gatherers outperformed bulk of built-from-scratch robos in Q3 2018.


What Midterm Results Mean For Markets (Invesco)

Assessing impact of U.S. midterm elections in four key areas.


How Divided Congress Helps Emerging Markets (Barron's)

Weaker dollar and slower interest rate increases in U.S. could help EM.


What's Ailing Emerging Market Bond ETFs? (Seeking Alpha)

Strong dollar and interest rate hikes in some developing markets are factors punishing EM debt. 


Asset Class No One Knows They Own (Institutional Investor)

Massive public pension warning investors: rethink status quo when managing securities litigation.


Which Factors Mattered In China? (MSCI) 

A look at the consistency of factors within China's A-shares market during its 25% decline.


Advisors Really Focused On Cost (Reformed Broker) 

Schwab study found two-thirds of advisors think total cost of a fund is "extremely important."


Measuring Diversification Benefit (Newfound Research) 

Diversification generally has no apparent benefit unless we envision what could have happened. 


Diversification Fails For Stocks, Wins For Bonds (Advisor Perspectives) 

If advisors widen their asset class choices when building fixed-income portfolios, investor outcomes will improve.


Profiling Factor ETF Correlations (Seeking Alpha) 

Opportunities exist for diversification with factor ETFs.


Advisors Urge Clients: Stay The Course (Think Advisor)

Most of them heeding this advice.

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