Thurs. Hot Reads: ETFs Their Own Asset Class

January 03, 2019

Compiled by Staff


Top 2019 Trend: 'ETFs As Asset Class' (Bloomberg)

Funds are key tool for institutional portfolios, finds new report.


2018 ETF Gainers That Could Keep Gaining (Zacks)
Not everything fell in 2018. A look at an eclectic group of funds that show promise for this year.


10 Great ETFs For Beginning Investors (US News & World Report)
Wondering where to get started investing in ETFs? Check out this slide show.


Pensions Among Victims Of Stock's Worst Year Since 2008 (Institutional Investor)

Willis Towers Watson: Average U.S. corporate pension plan lost 4.7% in 2018.


Q&A With Dave Nadig (WealthManagement)

Illiquid markets aren’t the ETF apocalypse they're made out to be.


Dave Butler's ETF Pick For 2019: USO (The Street)

Fund tracks price of oil futures for WTI crude.


How Advisors Should Proceed During SEC Shutdown (Think Advisor)

Advisors still need to file their forms timely despite government shutdown.


Fed May Be Completely Out Of The Game In 2019 (Reformed Broker)

But we think it will have a two-part test for rates hikes in 2019.


2nd Worst December Only Half The Story (Indexology)

As bad as last month was, it was only partly responsible for 2018's drawdowns.


Why & How Investors Use ESG Information (Alpha Architect)
A review of a paper on investor attitudes toward environmental, social and governance investment approaches.


Money Managers Face Reduced Margins In 2019 (Pensions & Investments)

Institutional managers struggled to make money last year. This year could be worse.


Welcome To Financial Planning's 3rd Wave (Think Advisor)

Advisors will use tech to become more like financial life coaches.

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