Thurs. Hot Reads: ETFs Trigger Shorting Boom

November 29, 2018

Compiled by Staff


Passive Revolution Spurs Shorting Boom (Bloomberg)
Revenue from lending out ETF shares reaches $342 million.


Powell: Rates Just Below Neutral (CNBC)
Fed Chairman said Wednesday he considers central bank's benchmark interest rate to be near a neutral level.


ETF Veteran Bill Belden Joins Amplify ETFs (MarketWatch)
Former head of ETF business development at Guggenheim will become Amplify’s president. 


Unleashing Full Power Of ETFs (Nasdaq)
National Association of Online Investors says ETFs are one of the most significant developments in the world of investing.


China's Market Expected To Be ETF 'Game Changer' (ETF Stream)
Chinese investors can now invest in overseas assets via ETFs listed in Hong Kong.


Why Advisors Expect To Boost Clients' Bond Allocations (Think Advisor)
Survey of 200 advisors offers multiple reasons for growing interest in fixed income.


US-China Trade Truce May Be Fleeting (BlackRock)
What a potential pause in trade tensions between the two countries might mean for markets.


Large Investors Most At Risk In Next Bond Sell-Off (Institutional Investor)
J.P. Morgan:  Smaller firms may reap huge profits by keeping things moving.


Holiday Shopping Season Lines Up For Retail ETFs (MarketWatch)
"XRT" has had a lackluster Q4. Is that about to change?


Better To Be Early Or Late To Duration Party? (WisdomTree)
Breaking down the case for higher and lower yields. 

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