Thurs. Hot Reads: How Factors Can Replace Sectors

May 10, 2018

Compiled by Staff


Avoid Sector Uncertainty With Factor-Based Funds (Stock Investor) 
Rather picking a sector, investors may be better off picking factors. 


Solar ETFs Up After CA Requires Solar Panels For New Homes (MarketWatch)
TAN’ and ‘PBW’ big winners.


Lack Of Wall St. Back Office Deters Crypto Investing (Reuters)
Mundane stuff giving pause to investors who've otherwise warmed up to crypto.

XLY/XLP Ratio Has Gone Vertical (WealthManagement)
Consumer discretionary sector ETF running a little too hot?

Schwab: Plain Vanilla ETFs Hot (Investopedia)
Low-cost core strategy funds currently hot for ETF investors.


Mystery Of Missing Wage Growth Continues (CNBC)
Multiple job market indicators show wages should be increasing.


Election Surprise Jolts Malaysia ETF Volume (Bloomberg)
Malaysia’s stock market closed following Mohamad’s stunning election victory. That hasn’t stopped investors from trading ‘EWM.’


Should I Time The Market? (Irrelevant Investor)
Here’s a look at why not.


Securities For End Of Iranian Nuke Deal (Nasdaq)
ETFs likely to benefit from deal's termination.

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