Thurs. Hot Reads: How To Handle Thinly Traded ETFs

April 12, 2018

Compiled by Staff


3 Rules For Dealing In Thinly Traded ETFs (FMD Capital) 
How to overcome the hurdle of infrequently traded funds.


How will this impact your ETFs?


Stocks Actually Very  Similar To Bonds (Wealth Of Common Sense) 
But they still have diversification benefits.


Impact Of Style Classification On Active Performance (Indexology) 
Are your manager's returns consistent with the style they're claiming to adhere to?


Yale: We Crush Stock Indexes (Institutional Investor)
Actively managed portfolios of elite endowments beat passive ones long term, school says.


Advisors Must Raise Their ESG Game (Barron's)
Investor demand for ESG investing outstripping advisors' ability to explain it.


Barclays To Shut 50 ETNs. Do Holders Know? (Bloomberg)
Fifty Barclays notes close today, worth $1.2 billion in assets.


Defense ETFs Rise After Trump Raises Prospect Of Military Strike In Syria (MarketWatch)
XAR,’ ‘ITA’ and ‘PPA’ were all outperforming broader market Wednesday.


JPMorgan Sued On Fees For Cryptocurrency Purchases (Reuters)
Firm allegedly charged surprise fees after not letting customers buy cryptocurrency with credit cards and treating the purchases as cash advances.


WisdomTree Acquires ETF Securities’ European ETF Biz (Nasdaq)

Publicly traded U.S. ETF company taking over ETF Securities’ European commodity, currency and leverage ETF business.


BlackRock ETF Flows Fall 46% (Bloomberg)
Even as BlackRock’s growth appears unstoppable, there are signs the firm isn’t invincible.


Trump's Russia Taunts Unexpectedly Lift Country's ETFs (Bloomberg)
Trump’s tweets that Russia should “get ready” for missiles to rain on Syria may have spooked global markets, but nation’s ETFs doing fine.


Report Explores Impact Of Muni Bond ETFs On Market (TBB)
Rapid increase in popularity of ETFs hasn't had a statistical impact on muni market liquidity so far. That could change.

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