Thurs. Hot Reads: Indexing Will Fail Investors

June 07, 2018

Compiled by Staff


Why Indexing Will Fail Investors In Coming Decade (MarketWatch)

Slow global growth, low corporate profits could bring negative returns for U.S. market.


How The Big 3 Beat Active Managers At Their Own Game (RIABiz)

Vanguard, State Street and BlackRock's latest trick: free management of ETF portfolios.


Do Active Managers Outperform In Inefficient Markets? (WisdomTree) 

An argument for active management in an ETF structure.


Age Nothing But A Number With ETFs (MarketWatch)

Three-year-track-record metric a relic from when mutual funds ruled the fund roost.


Elephant In The Smart Beta Room (Ritholtz Wealth Management)

A skeptic explains why he hasn’t moved his AUM into smart-beta holdings.


Advisors: Yes To ETFs, No To Crypto (Think Advisor)

Advisors plan to up usage and recommendation of ESG funds.


No S&P 500 Fund For Vanguard Employees (MarketWatch)
Vanguard’s “crew members” will not have an S&P 500 Index fund among their 401(k) choices.


Maintaining Risk Reduction While Reducing Interest Rate Risk (Indexology)

Lowering interest rate exposure doesn’t necessarily require accepting more volatility.


What's Holding Back Impact Investing? (Institutional Investor)

Impact investors want more government support, exit options and early-stage opportunities. 


5th Circuit Urged To End DOL Fiduciary Rule Uncertainty (Think Advisor)

Groups point to the confusion it causes.


Machine Learning & Stock Returns (Alpha Architect)

A review of a recent paper on machine learning and an investment strategy based on it.


China Vs. World: Double The Growth, Similar Valuations (WisdomTree)

China among the highest-growth markets, but there are different ways to access that growth story.

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