Thurs. Hot Reads: Mutual Fund Investors Run For Exits

December 27, 2018

Compiled by Staff


Fund Investors Pulled $56B Last Week (Bloomberg)
Investors are bailing out of mutual funds as if it were 2008.


Retail Having Best Holiday Season In 6 Years (CNBC)
U.S. retail sales from Nov. 1 through Dec. 24 were up 5.1% to over $850 billion, according to Mastercard SpendingPulse.


2019: Survey Of Country Risks (BlackRock)
As the new year approaches, country risks—and opportunities—are widespread.


Sector ETFs For Slowing Economy (FAM)
Stunning drop in various financial markets in the past few months, paired with a rapid plunge in bond yields, has led many investors to adopt cautious stance.


Analyst Forecasts: Lessons In Futility (CFA Institute) 
“Guru” is just another word for “charlatan.”


Dart-Throwing Monkeys & Process Diversification (Newfound Research)
Diversification can increase consistency of portfolio outcomes.


Financials ETFs On Pace For Record Month Of Outflows (Bloomberg)
Outflows from the $21 billion “XLF” driving exodus.


How Younger Advisors See Tech Changing The Business (Think Advisor)
There's a sharp generational divide on how advisors view fintech.

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