Thurs. Hot Reads: The Rise Of ETFs

July 05, 2018

Compiled by Staff


How ETFs Became One Of Wall St.’s Hottest Products (Business Insider)

This vehicle now accounts for a quarter of all trading activity on exchanges.


Vanguard Wants To Be The Walmart Of Financial Services (RIA Biz)

The giant just undercut Schwab on ETF distribution fees.


EM Debt: Expect Volatility & Opportunity (Advisor Perspectives) 

Sell-off in the asset class means there are deals to be had in companies and countries with strong fundamentals. 


Broad EM ETFs Riskier Than They’re Worth (Seeking Alpha)
Instead, the author recommends actively managing your EM exposure.


Factor Investing Hits & Misses For Q2 (Think Advisor)

S&P Dow Jones's latest dashboard shows surprising wins and potential omens.


Research Review: Factor Investing (Capital Spectator) 

Some of the latest research papers on factor investing. 


BlackRock’s ETF Assets In Asia Doubled From 2015 (Asia Asset Management) 
In the last three years, BlackRock has seen its ETF assets in Asia Pacific soar to $100 billion.


ETF Portfolio For Millennials (Forbes)

A six-ETF model portfolio that's cheap and easy to implement.


EU Considering Int’l Talks To Cut Car Tariffs (CNBC)

European officials considering holding talks on a tariff-cutting deal between the world’s largest car exporters.

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