Thurs. Hot Reads: Short Term Treasury ETFs In Demand

November 01, 2018

Compiled by Staff


Investors Flock To Short-Term Treasury ETFs (Bloomberg)
Investors race to short-term U.S. government debt to hedge against rising interest rates as stocks tumble to worst month in seven years.

After 10 Years, Bitcoin Changed Everything & Nothing (Wired)
Why has Satoshi Nakamoto remained silent all these years?


Making Value Work In The ETF Era (ETF Stream)
New research and funds aim to bring value factor back to life.


4 Potential Reasons For Gold Rally (BlackRock)
Why gold, not a popular asset class until recently, has become so as a hedge.


Managing Interest Rate Risk With Bond Ladders (Invesco)
Defined-maturity ETFs can help investors build diversified bond ladders.


Homebuilder ETFs Lure Buyers (Bloomberg)
XHB” sees biggest inflow since 2014. 


REITs Outperformed Stocks For Past 50 Years (MarketWatch)
REITs have had remarkably consistent returns, recent study shows.


What Janet Yellen Worries About (Think Advisor)
Former Fed chair discussed her outlook and concerns at Schwab Impact.


Raising The Bar For Active Bond Managers (Morningstar)
Controlling for risk is essential to judging a manager's true performance.


When Fed Doesn't Provide New Liquidity (Disciplined Systematic Global Macro Views)
It makes for larger drawdowns for investors. 

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