Thurs. Hot Reads: Stop Blaming Index Funds

April 26, 2018

Compiled by Staff


Index Funds Are Not The Problem (Slate)

Blaming big funds for excessive CEO pay is as ridiculous as the pay itself.


Wealthfront's CEO Flip-Flops After Twitter Debacle (RIA Biz)

$10 billion robo may weather its current PR nightmare, but not thanks to comparing itself to Vanguard.


World’s Longest Multi-Asset Momentum Investing Backtest (Alpha Architect)
Review of a paper that looks at 200+ years of momentum data in multiple asset classes.


S&P 500 Profit Picture Looks Rosy (Bloomberg)

Equating peaking growth to end of market cycle seen as mistake.


Nasdaq ‘Open’ To Becoming Crypto Trading Platform (Coin Telegraph)

Nasdaq could become a crypto trading platform once institutional regulation is more widespread, CEO says.


Investors Retreating From Bond ETFs As Yields Rise (MarketWatch)
High-yield and investment-grade fund categories have seen outflows.


5 Great ETFs For Your Taxable Account (InvestorPlace)

Your taxable account can be tax efficient when you use ETFs.


A Benchmarking Problem ( 
Benchmarking financial advisors to goals may simply give them undue “credit” for something beyond their control.


9 True Oddball ETFs (MSN Money)

We’re living in a golden age of investment options.


iShares’ Evolved Sector ETFs Need More Evolving (Seeking Alpha)

While the method identifies sectors within a company, there’s no method in place to isolate it.


These Tech ETFs Holding Up Amid Industry Turmoil (ETF Daily News)

Not all tech ETFs are feeling pain.


Visiting France ETF After Macron’s US Visit (Investopedia)

With US/French relations apparently strong, investors may want to look at ‘EWQ.’


BlackRock Aims To Turn Retail Investors Into Quants (Bloomberg) 
BlackRock’s new Factor Box tool allows investors to see the factor exposures of 2,400 equity mutual funds and ETFs.



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