Thurs. Hot Reads: Theme ETFs Come Of Age

August 09, 2018

Compiled by Staff


Theme ETFs Come Of Age (Bloomberg)
Colorful corner of the $3.6 trillion ETF market is going mainstream thanks to some of the world’s biggest finance firms.


Rob Arnott Steps Down As Research Affiliates CEO (Institutional Investor)
Arnott remains chairman of the firm he founded, while COO Katy Sherrerd takes the reins.


Top 3 Health Care ETFs Took In $1B In July (Bloomberg)
ETF investors finally returning to health care stocks after disappointing earnings, threat of lower drug prices send sector plunging. 


Trade Wars Putting Commodities Back On Investment Map? (Think Advisor)
Pushed to the side for a decade, commodities may have once again found legs.


Boosting Portfolio Efficiency Via Our 90/60 Approach (WisdomTree)
How can 'NTSX' help boost long-term tax efficiency?


Investment Fees Could Cost You 6 Figures Over Your Lifetime (MarketWatch)
Fees in investment products and banking add up over time, but a few quick changes could save you money. 


'North Sea Bubble': Denmark (Seeking Alpha)
Denmark's market looking toppy and its ETF could be a good shorting target.


Market Volatility Justified? (Morningstar)
Historical data suggest it may be.

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