Thurs. Hot Reads: These ETFs Act Like Hedge Funds

July 19, 2018

Compiled by staff


7 ETFs That Act Like Hedge Funds (U.S. News & World Report)
Investors can act tactically with these ETFs.


Socially Responsible ETFs Come With A Twist (Bloomberg)
Their twist: a little help from the experts themselves.

$3.6T Regulatory Hole Around ETFs Gets SEC Scrutiny (Bloomberg)
U.S. watchdog wants information on indexes and their providers.


Has The Robo Frenzy Peaked? (Think Advisor)
Most investors who open accounts with robo-advisors have more curiosity than assets.


4 Challenges In ESG: What's Next? (CFA Institute)
Adoption isn't the only big challenge facing ESG products.


Can These 3 ETFs Guard Against Rising Rates? (Financial Planning)
The author takes a deep dive on 'XRLV', 'FDRR' and 'EQRR.'


Why My Firm Sold Short-Term Bond ETFs, Bought Treasurys (Marketwatch)
The chief investment officer at Investment Management Associates says government-backed cash-equivalent offers more yield and greater liquidity.


The Q2 Factor Winner? Small cap (Invesco Blog)
As global risks grow, factor diversification may help investors stay prepared.


What's Going On WIth Factor Returns? (MSCI Blog)
Value and momentum both underperformed in June.

Growth Of Emerging ASEAN (Indexology) 
A look at five key markets in southeast Asia: Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam.


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