Thurs. Hot Reads: Understanding Dow’s Slump

October 11, 2018

Compiled by Staff


5 Questions To Ask After Dow Slumps 800 Points (MarketWatch)

Worried investors have myriad concerns on what to do in the face of the sell-off. 


Markets Have Fit Over Major Change At Fed (CNBC)

Fed undergoing philosophical change that one market expert called a "pendulum swing."


Bond ETF Outflows Suggest No More ‘Crying Wolf’ On Rates (Bloomberg)

Bond investors running from anything that smells of interest-rate risk.


Dow Tumbles 800 Points, But Don’t Worry ... Yet (Barron’s)

Ten sectors were in the red Wednesday, but bond yields continue to march higher.


Short Bets Against Muni Bond ETFs On The Rise (Bloomberg)

Speculators increasing their bets against some of the biggest municipal-bond ETFs.


Best Predictor Of Market Returns Useless (Dollars & Data) 

Supply-and-demand forces somewhat impractical when translated into an investment approach.


Alpha Signals That Have Worked (WisdomTree) 

A look at the performance of the four factors WisdomTree uses in its multifactor methodology.


China A-Shares: The Journey Continues (MSCI) 

MSCI launches consultation to explore increasing the weight of A-shares in its emerging market index.


Why Are There So Few Women Advisors? (The Belle Curve)

One reason may be due to signals young girls get about money.

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