Thurs. Hot Reads: Worst Performing Funds Since Crash

September 13, 2018

Compiled by Staff


Worst-Performing Passive Funds Since Crisis (Financial Planning)
Four of the top worst performers are energy funds.


10 Commandments Of Retirement (MarketWatch)
The earlier you think about retirement income, the better. Here’s a helpful guide to get you started.


Comparing Canadian Market ETFs (Seeking Alpha)
An in-depth look at “EWC” vs. “BBCA.”


ETF Deathwatch: August 2018 (Invest With An Edge) 
In August, 35 funds left the death-watch list, 22 of them due to closure.


Betterment Clients Can Now Buy 1-Time Access To Human Advisor (Investment News)
For a flat fee, smaller-account users can receive guidance on major life events without paying for Betterment Premium.


How The Financial Crisis Affected Millennials (Wealth Of Common Sense)
Lingering impact from financial crisis on investor risk appetite.


Apple Meets Expectations; Alphabet Prepares To Surprise (Motley Fool)
Apple topped the $1 trillion mark. But Google appears set to cave to China on censorship.


Gundlach: US Economy & Stocks Could Be ‘Burnt Out’ (Advisor Perspectives)
DoubleLine CEO says too much stimulus can backfire.


Financial Crimes Were Committed (The Big Picture)
Before, during and after the crisis, financial felonies abounded.


Gateway ETF To Invest In Eventual Legal Marijuana Explosion (MarketWatch)
AdvisorShares betting on “overlap between alcohol, tobacco and cannabis.”


Recession Wounds Still Raw 10 Years Later (Think Advisor)
After crash and subsequent recession, many struggle to get finances back in shape.


Tell The Truth (Irrelevant Investor)
The easy thing for an investment manager to do during a tough period is over-promise.


Lessons From SEC's Action On Leveraged ETPs (Think Advisor)
A few things firms should consider before using leveraged and inverse ETPs.


Marijuana Stocks Just Had Sell-Off; Only 1 Bright Spot (Barron's)
Tilray was the only company up after the U.S. floated a ban on flavored cigarettes. 


Limited Choices For Midcap Dividend ETFs (Financial Planning)
Your options include 'RNMC', 'DON' and 'REGL'.

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