Thursday Hot Reads: 3 ETF Charts Waving Red Flags

March 23, 2017

Compiled by Staff


3 ETF Charts Waving Red Flags (Seeking Alpha)
It’s beneficial to know both where the market is showing its strengths and where weakness can undermine those positive qualities.


Is The Auto ETF Headed For A Trump Bump Or Slump? (Zacks)
The global economy has been gathering steam, which in turn should translate into higher demand. Yet the auto industry seems to be slowing down.


Active & Passive & Bears, Oh My! (Vanguard)
Do actively managed funds outperform passive funds in a bear market? Our research says they’re not quite the ruby slippers of investing.


Rapid ETF Proliferation & The Impact On Financial Markets (
A review of the pros and cons of ETF proliferation. 


Millennials Could Fuel Ongoing Expansion In ETF Industry (ETF Trends)
Data from TD Ameritrade indicates millennials are increasingly giving ETFs a bump in terms of growth.


More Room For Real Estate (BlackRock Blog)
BlackRock's global chief investment strategist explains why the real estate market still has some room to run eight years into its recovery.


Investors Are Turning Bearish On The Dollar (Bloomberg)
The currency slid to the lowest since November on Wednesday, and options show investors are becoming more pessimistic on the greenback versus the euro and yen.


Trump Wants 4% GDP Growth. 3% Will Do (CNN Money)
Few mainstream economists believe President Trump will be able to get the U.S. economy growing at an annualized rate of 4% anytime soon. But he may not have to live up to that promise.


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