Thursday Hot Reads: 3 ETFs For Your Retirement

November 09, 2017

Compiled by Staff


3 ETFs To Help You Build Retirement Wealth (Motley Fool)
Best ETFs combine these attractive features with solid exposure to growing markets.


ETF Wars Heat Up (CNBC)
“No one wants to be left out of the ETF gold rush.”


ETFs Don’t Need Testing, Investors Do (Bloomberg)
Notion that investors will be stuck in funds in times of turmoil is false.


Case For Reverse Cap Weighting (Seeking Alpha)
The method systemizes the "buy low, sell high" concept.


Strategic Beta Is New Active (Morningstar) 
Although they track indexes, they’re still actively managed funds.


ETF Buyers Have Shied Away From US Since Trump's Election (Bloomberg)
Top 10 ETFs for inflows all exclude U.S. companies.


How To Deal With Market-Moving News (Wealth Of Common Sense)
"If X, then Y" thinking usually doesn't work.


2 ETF Picks To Harness Small Cap Effect (Morningstar)
Index construction puts ‘VB’ and ‘IJR’ over the top.


Weathering Moderately Stronger US Dollar (BlackRock)
Why and what this means for investors.


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