Thursday Hot Reads: Is Big Brother Watching? There's An ETF For That

March 09, 2017

Compiled by Staff


Is Big Brother Watching? There's An ETF For That (Seeking Alpha)
WikiLeaks is at it again—this time pulling back the curtain on how the CIA conducts much of its spy business.


Short Interest Spikes On Major Bond ETFs Ahead Of Fed Meeting (MarketWatch)
ETFs HYG, TLT and LQD all saw short interest rise 25-65% with increased expectations for a March rate hike.


Bill Gross' Bond Bear Market Looms As 10-Year Yield Nears 2.6% (Bloomberg)
Benchmark 10-year yields are approaching 2.6%, which Gross warned would be the start of a bear market.


ECB Keeps Rates On Hold, Keeps Dovish Forward Guidance (ZeroHedge)
In what may have been a surprising move, the ECB kept its current forward guidance, which some analysts had expected would be scrapped. 


Who’s Driving Your Stock Investments? It May Not Be Who You Think (MarketWatch)
As financial advisors turn away from active mutual funds and toward ETFs, they take over the stock-picking role.


The Modern ETF-Centric Advisor: How They Want To Be Communicated With (ETF Trends)
Webinars and digital research are modern advisors' preferred methods for learning about ETFs.


Economic Growth Expectations Are Quietly Falling Through The Floor (CNBC)
GDP is likely to have increased just 1.2% in the first quarter, according to the Atlanta Fed's closely watched GDPNow model. As recently as Feb. 3, the Atlanta Fed was projecting 2.7% growth for the first three months of 2017. 


A Freakish Calm Surrounds The 8-Year Bull Market (Bloomberg)
Eight years along and no existential crisis plagues this advance, whose unbroken march from the depths of the Great Recession is the second-longest ever. Valuations are stretched, and going by its age, the rally is in rarefied air. But volatility, the ticker tape of investor anxiety, is nowhere to be found.


Why We Like Japanese Small Caps Now (WisdomTree)
In the past decade, small-cap stocks internationally outperformed large-cap stocks, and Japanese small-cap stocks on a dividend-weighted basis did particularly well.


Chart O’ The Day: What If It’s Early & Not Late? (Reformed Broker)
Where exactly are we in the market cycle? Based on what sectors are leading, we could be in the early days of a bull market.  



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