Thursday Hot Reads: Bitcoin ETF Fast Track Stalls

January 11, 2018

Compiled by Staff


Bitcoin ETF Fast Track Hits Speed Bump (Bloomberg) 
A look at the latest obstacle to bitcoin ETFs and the twists and turns along the way.


Vanguard's Robo Advice Platform Crosses $100B (Financial Planning)
Personal Advisor Services is the first robo to reach that benchmark.


Simulating Leveraged Gold ETFs Back 50 Years (Seeking Alpha) 
The author simulates how a leveraged gold ETF would have performed over the past 50 years. 


ETF Deathwatch For December 2017 (Invest With An Edge)
Another 15 funds were added to the list, while nine improved enough to leave.

Kodak Coin Propels Trading Volume Past Biggest Index ETFs (Bloomberg)
Volume outstripped ‘SPY’ and ‘QQQ’ combined.


If You Remember One Thing About Inflation, Remember This (Reformed Broker)
Spoiler: Inflation bets aren't long-term investments.


Predicting Doom For The Bond Market (Economist)
A strong economy should mean bond yields head a bit higher.


Fed Worries About What It Will Do In Next Recession (CNBC)
Fed officials mulling dramatic change to monetary policy that would revise or scrap its current, flailing 2% inflation target.


Retirees: What You Should Watch In 2018 (Morningstar)
Retirees should keep the aging bull market, Social Security, Medicare, interest rates and more on their radar this year.


If You Own Bitcoin, Buffett’s Cryptocurrency Predictions Are Scary (Nasdaq)
When you could lose 30% of your investment in one day, stress seems inevitable.


Benefit From Both Actively Managed Funds & ETFs (LiveMint)
Both have their pros and cons, but can they co-exist in a portfolio?


5 Mindset Shifts To Nudge Your Portfolio (BlackRock)
Investment habits can be hard to make—and break. But you can do things to ensure you’re going in the right direction.


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