Thursday Hot Reads: Bitcoin Gains $3K In 36 Hours

December 07, 2017

Compiled by Staff


Bitcoin Tops $15,000 (CBS MarketWatch)

Cryptocurrency gains $3,000 in 36 hours.


Case Of The Bankerless Bubble (Reformed Broker)

For the first time, the general public discovered a mania before Wall Street.


How Tax Reform Crushed Tech ETFs (Nasdaq)

Why this sector is the worst victim of tax reform developments. 


How To Make $1M By Trading ETFs (IBD)
Some of the best-performing ETFs and how to invest in them.


$60B Scramble For ETFs In Tech Reshuffle (Bloomberg)
An overhaul of how industries are defined by two of the world’s biggest index providers may prompt money flows in/out of 26 ETFs with assets of $60 billion.

Swedish Bitcoin ETF Bigger Than 80% Of US ETFs (CoinTelegraph)

Expect volumes of regulated bitcoin investment tools to rise.


CryptoKitties Epitomize Cryptocurrency Mania (CNBC)
Players have spent $6.7 million+ buying CryptoKitties, which can sell for $114,481.59.


Gold ETF Flows Nearly $400M In November (WGC)
Global gold-backed ETF flows increased their holdings by 9.1 tonnes in November.


Americans' Nest Eggs Have Never Been Bigger (Bloomberg)

Too bad only half of Americans have 401(k)s.


Big Year For ETFs (Forbes)

As 2017 winds down, ETFs poised for record inflows.


Vanguard REIT ETF Chasing Returns (Seeking Alpha)
How is passive instrument ‘VNQ' chasing returns?


Will Tax Cuts Reawaken Value? (BlackRock)
Value stocks are cheap, but have lacked a catalyst to rally.

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