Thursday Hot Reads: Closest Thing To ‘FANG’ ETF

June 15, 2017

Compiled by Staff


The Closest Thing To A 'FANG' ETF (SeekingAlpha)
The FANG companies correlate closely to the performance of First Trust's internet ETF ‘FDN.’ 


Could Switzerland Become Home To The First-Ever Crypto ETF? (Bitcoin Magazine)
Crypto Fund AG announced the creation of a “Cryptocurrency Fund” which will invest in a variety of digital currencies such as bitcoin, ether and ripple.


Investors In This China ETF Are Betting Big (Bloomberg)

KBA’ sees major inflows driven by expectations of inclusion in MSCI indexes.


China-Hong Kong ETF At Talk Stage As Eager Issuers Wait (Bloomberg)
ETF firms await the start of a link that might let millions of Chinese investors buy ETFs in Hong Kong.


4 Key Factors To Consider Before Selecting An Active ETF (FMD Capital)

ETF investors have wholeheartedly embraced the transparency and low-cost of passively managed investment vehicles.


Inflation, Rising Rates Can Spark Oil’s Rebound (Indexology)

Jodie Gunzberg looks at how higher rates could impact commodities.


Fed’s Raising Short Term Rates: Why Have Bond Markets Shrugged? (Capital Ideas)

The Fed raised short-term rates at its June meeting, signaling a tightening campaign is underway. Bond investors needn’t be concerned.


BVAL: Capturing Brand Value In An ETF (Invest With An Edge)

In one corner of the ETF universe, some true innovation is occurring—capturing intangible factors like brand value, with ‘BVAL.’


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