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Thursday Hot Reads: ETF Fee War Expands |

Thursday Hot Reads: ETF Fee War Expands

September 14, 2017

Compiled by Staff


ETF Fee War Expands (MarketWatch)
ETF fee war is great for investors, but it’s created an intensifying head wind for traditional active managers.


Largest US College Endowment Funds Pull Back On ETFs (Reuters)
The 10 largest U.S. higher education endowment funds now have an average of 14.4% of their direct equity portfolios in ETFs.


2017 Winners Make Peculiar Bedfellows (BlackRock Blog)
Risky assets and traditional safe havens have performed well this year. Can that continue?


Why I Favor ANGL, Dislike PHB (Seeking Alpha)
Existing smart-beta and factor-based bond ETFs show varied track records.


Positive Economic News Lost In Headlines (MainStay)
These data points have been lost in the headlines as North Korea situation takes center stage. 

Canadian ETFs: Latest Fee Changes, Launches, Closures (G&M)
At end August, Canadian ETF AUM reached new record: $133.9 billion.


Don't Be An ETF Patsy (MarketWatch)
Jared Dillian reminds investors trading ETFs doesn't mean they’ll get the same results as financial professionals.


ETFs & Stocks Surfing Bitcoin Boom (
The stocks and ETFs benefiting from bitcoin’s rise.


ETFs Are Hot (Financial Express)
Five things you should consider before investing in them. 


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