Thursday Hot Reads: This ETF Just Hit An All Time High

June 01, 2017

Compiled by Staff


This ETF Just Hit An All-Time High (
The performance of 'XLU' trounces that of the overall S&P 500, which has put in a very respectable 7.79% year-to-date win.


Top ETF Stories Of May (Zacks)
A quick summary of the biggest stories that took place last month.


Have Stocks Reached Permanently High Plateau? (LA Times)
Corrections lately have become shorter and less frequent. The "relentless bid" may be the explanation.


Short Interest In ETFs Declines (Business Insider)
Short interest currently sits at 6.1% of total ETF assets, the lowest level since the financial crisis.


A ‘New’ Way To Invest In Commodities (ETFdb)
Many new commodity funds are adopting a "no K-1" structure, where they invest in a Cayman Island subsidiary that owns futures rather than owning the futures themselves. 


State Street’s Mega ETF Slips (Barron's)
Pricing and the increasing appeal of European stocks have resulted in outflows from 'SPY.'


Are Vanguard Investors Smarter Than iShares Investors? (Reformed Broker)
A look at trends in investor behavior patterns at the two biggest ETF issuers.


Investors Retreat From Tech ETF Despite Series Of Records (MarketWatch)
After a long period of outperformance, XLK sees a record day for outflows.


Don’t Read Too Much Into Dollar’s Decline (BlackRock Blog)
Russ Koesterich explains what pushed the U.S. dollar downward and what the recent retreat means for your investments.


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