Thursday Hot Reads: ETFs Are Crushing Active Managers

June 08, 2017

Compiled by Staff


Money Managers' Misery (Bloomberg)

ETFs are crushing the competition in the quest for investors' dollars.


Steven Bregman On 'The Greatest Bubble Ever' (Passive ETF Investing) (Seeking Alpha)

A podcast featuring Horizon Kinetics' Steven Bregman and his argument that ETFs have helped build up a giant bubble. 


Gotham's Greenblatt Sees Opportunities Amid Shift To Index Funds (Bloomberg Markets)
Index funds aren't discerning. Opportunities exist for sophisticated investors who understand timing.


Track Record For ‘Smart Beta’ ETFs Provides More Fuel For Indexing Camp (MarketWatch)
Smart-beta strategies have struggled to outperform plain-vanilla indexes over the long term.


Stock Market Crash Brewing? How ETF Selling May Spark Next Downturn (Lombardi Letter)

The popularity of ETFs is changing the dynamics of equity markets.


One Place Volatility Hasn't Gone Home To Die Is Nasdaq-100 (Bloomberg Markets)

Broad-market volatility is at record lows, but the Nasdaq-100 is a different matter.


Managing Fixed Income Risk In Turbulent Times (MSCI Blog)

Understanding credit risk is more important than ever; ratings don't always give the full story.


Bill Gross Says Market Risk Is Highest Since Pre-2008 Crisis (Bloomberg)
Investors are simply paying too much for the assets they're buying.


Are Your Muni Portfolios Prepared For Rising Rates? (MainStay Investment)

MacKay Municipal Managers believes prudent, active managers can continue to extract returns from the muni market.


Ivascyn: Investors Shouldn’t Get Complacent In An Uncertain Environment (Barron’s)

PIMCO CIO thinks rosy expectations for U.S. growth are overly optimistic.



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