Thursday Hot Reads: ETFs Causing Market To Spike At End Of Day

March 02, 2017

Compiled by Staff

ETFs Causing Market To Spike At End Of Day (ValueWalk)
According to J.P. Morgan, year-to-date, a staggering 37% of daily NYSE trading volume has taken place within the last 30 minutes of the trading day.


Financial ETF Hits Highest Level Since 2007 On Rate Hike Hopes (MarketWatch)
With rate hikes anticipated, XLF returns to its precrisis levels.


Investors Increasingly Embrace ETFs For Liquidity (PlanAdviser)

A Greenwich Associates survey notes that institutions are using ETFs more and more, especially for liquidity and risk management.


Investor Sentiment Hasn't Been This High Since 2 Bubbles Ago (CNBC)
Forget the dot-com boom with its "irrational exuberance" and the real estate bubble that was supposed to be invincible: Current market sentiment eclipses all of that.


How Quickly Will The Fed Tighten? (Economist) 
The markets will have to start focusing on monetary policy again.


Manufacturing in US Expands At Fastest Pace Since August 2014 (Bloomberg Markets)
Seventeen out of 18 industries posted growth in February, with only furniture shrinking. 


European Commission Presents 5 Scenarios For The Future Of Europe (ZeroHedge)
Many challenges face the European Union, and how it responds to those challenges could have different outcomes for the region.


Floating Rate Loans: The Floor Is In  (MainStay Investments)
Inflation is inching up, the Fed appears poised to gradually raise interest rates and three-month Libor now exceeds 1%. All together, “the floor is in” on floating rate loans that have minimum coupons, according to portfolio manager Art Torrey.


Did Biotech Get A Presidential Pardon? (Barron’s)
Following President Trump’s speech earlier this week, biotech ETFs have gained ground on hopes the new administration is not going to pursue policies that weigh on the industry. 


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