Thursday Hot Reads: ETFs For Value Hunters

January 04, 2018

Compiled by Staff


ETFs For Value Hunters (Reuters)
In this growth-oriented economy, you’d be wise to have a value component to your portfolio.


Untangling How Indexers Break Down Market By Size (Morningstar)
Cutoffs for large-, mid- and small-cap stocks differ by company.


Why I’m Selling My Favorite ETF (Seeking Alpha)
Splitting U.S. and non-U.S. parts of a portfolio can be beneficial.


Unexpected Way To Benefit From Rising Rates (WisdomTree)
Japanese stock ETFs can be a good portfolio supplement.


GLD Starts 2018 With Record Winning Streak (Bloomberg)
Gold has been boosted by a falling dollar.


Look At Small Caps In 2018 (Seeking Alpha)
Do tax reform and a potentially accelerating global economy mean small-caps won’t lag this year?


Floating Rate Loan ETFs: Slow & Steady Wins Race (MainStay)
Floating rate loans could be the answer to generating income amid tighter credit spreads and higher rates.


Preparing Your ETF Portfolio For Success In 2018 (Nasdaq)
Make sure you have the holdings and risk levels that will help you meet your goals. 


Commodities On Historical Winning Streak (Bloomberg) 
Broad commodity indexes being driven higher by oil and industrial metals. 

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