Thursday Hot Reads: ETFs Won’t Cause Crash

October 19, 2017

Compiled by Staff


Why ETFs Won't Cause/Worsen A Crash (MarketWatch) 

Why ETFs causing a 1987-style market crash is unlikely to happen.


Banks Build Out Robo Advisers, Startup Funding Falls (Bloomberg)

Financing plunged 49% in third quarter from prior period.


Deep Dive Into Trend Following (Alpha Architect Blog)

Academic evidence supports validity of this risk premium.


How To Invest At All-Time Highs (Wealth Of Common Sense)

Time to rebalance, diversify, and buy and hold.


Robots Coming For Wall St. Jobs (Bloomberg)

Automation is making traditional money managers obsolete.


S&P 500 Valued On 18 Of 20 Metrics (ZeroHedge)
Equities continue looking attractive relative to bonds, says Bank of America. 


Indexing Comes To Muni-Ville (Morningstar)
Passive funds still something of a novelty in the muni market.


Europe's Fee-Destroying ETF Revolution (Bloomberg)

ETFs still in early stages in Europe; phase of falling fees and consolidation likely ahead.



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