Thursday Hot Reads: Global ETFs Breach $4 Trillion Mark

May 11, 2017

Compiled by Staff

ETFs Breach $4 Trillion AUM Mark (Value Walk)
ETFGI, a leading independent research and consultancy firm on trends in the global ETP ecosystem, reported assets invested in ETPs listed globally broke through the $4 trillion milestone at end of April 2017.


Do Trading Costs Destroy Factor Investing? (Alpha Architect)
Transaction costs should always be considered when evaluating a strategy.

Putting The 'Fun' Back In Exchange Traded Funds (ETF Trends)
Maybe it's time for the industry to flip the script and start looking at more “fun” ETFs.


Why Does WisdomTree Select & Weight ETFs By Income? (WisdomTree)
A look at how the firm challenged conventional investment philosophy by launching passive indexes that selected and weighted companies by income rather than market capitalization.


'There Is Risk & There Is Return. Everything Else Is Just Marketing.' (Reformed Broker)
This applies as neatly to money management as it would to any other subject.


Calculating Accurate AUM Vs Reporting Assets Under Advisement (Kitces)
AUM gives advisors a certain credibility, but as the space gets more competitive, many are pushing the line on how they report assets, Michael Kitces says. 


MLPs: Attractive Current Yields & Potential Tax Cut Beneficiary (MainStay Investment)
Midstream master limited partnerships currently yield close to 7%.


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