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Hot Reads: Ignoring Iran |

Hot Reads: Ignoring Iran

January 09, 2020

Compiled by Staff


Why The Markets Are Ignoring Iran For Now (CNBC)
Global financial markets shrugged off U.S.-Iran tensions because they are not expected to escalate into a larger military conflict or seriously impact the global economy — at least for now.


Moderate Q4 GDP Growth Expected (The Capital Spectator)
The economic outlook may be precarious, depending on how the US-Iran conflict unfolds in the days and weeks ahead. 


Best ETFs To Hedge Against Market Volatility (Yahoo Finance)
Todd Rosenbluth joins Seana Smith on The Ticker to discuss which ETFs investors should watch if they're looking to navigate geopolitical uncertainty and market volatility.


Bet On Commodities & Emerging Markets In 2020 (ETF Edge)
This year could flip the script for ETF investors.


Best Sector ETFs For 2020 (Motley Fool)
Consumer staples, China stocks and gold prices could all rally this year.


Exposure To Real Estate Stocks (Morningstar)
Investors may be missing out on half the global real estate market.


E-Commerce & Retail's Future Will Be Written By China (Invesco)
The world needs to pay attention to China's experiments in shopping.


Gradual Improvements Redux (The Irrelevant Investor)

Doing nothing should be the default for investors, but it’s easier said than done.


Lessons Learned (Validea)

Key takeaways from Validea's top five blog interviews.



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