Thursday Hot Reads: ‘Keep ETFs Weird’

April 13, 2017

Compiled by Staff

Keep ETFs Weird (Enterprising Investor)

No one has a monopoly on good ideas. The only way to test whether new strategies are viable is to let them take a shot in the ETF marketplace.


How Are ETFs Affecting The Stock Market? (Yahoo Finance)

Wesley Gray digs into whether there's a dark side to ETFs.


The Skew: Behind Active Managers’ Underperformance (Irrelevant Investor)

Fees only tell part of the story. There’s a lot more impacting managers' struggle to beat benchmarks.


World’s Hottest Funds Make No Money For Most Managers In Europe (Bloomberg)

Two-thirds of the ETFs currently trading in Europe don't have enough assets to be profitable for their issuers.


Is The Reflation Trade Over? (BlackRock)

So-called Trump trades have rolled back on political uncertainty, yet we see the broader reflation trade having room to run.


Almost No Active Managers Beat The Market Over The Past 15 Years (CNBC)

Active funds stumbled through another brutal year, with barely 1 in 3 large-cap managers able to beat the S&P 500, according to figures released Wednesday by S&P Dow Jones Indices.


Guggenheim's Minerd Says ‘Significant Correction’ Is Coming (Bloomberg)

However, the Guggenheim executive does not expect it to turn into a bear market.


Disentangling Cycles From Time (MainStay Investments)

Deep into the expansion phase of an economic cycle, we tend to see Fed tightening, yield-curve flattening, rising rates and tightening credit spreads. Beware, though: Cycle lengths vary greatly.


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