Thursday Hot Reads: New Rules Will Boost ETF Assets

October 12, 2017

Compiled by Staff


New Rules Could Make ETFs Unstoppable (Bloomberg)

Passive asset managers to get boost from new regulatory regimes.


BlackRock Amasses $6T As ETF Biz Surges (Bloomberg)
Its investment in its iShares unit has more than paid off.


Smart Beta ETFs Raking In Billions (Investment News)
Such funds have seen $37.6 billion YTD in net new cash.


EM Tech Boom Headache For Active Managers (Reuters)

Many feel forced to buy into crowded tech stocks to keep up with the benchmarks. 


Bond Bubbles Not What You Think (Wealth Of Common Sense)

It's less about the bubble and more about inflation.


Single Stocks Don't Work In Wealth Management (Reformed Broker)
‘This might be the most controversial thing I’ve written in a while.’ 


Recent Small-Cap Run Worth Chasing? (BlackRock)

U.S. small-caps need to clear hurdles to win investors’ affections long term.


Low-Cost Inflation-Protected Bond ETF (Morningstar)
VTIP’ is one of the cheapest funds providing exposure to the short end of the TIPS market.


Japan ETFs See Inflows Ahead Of Snap Election (Track Insight)

Funds attracting assets from global investors confident of an Abe election win on Oct. 22.


Earnings Season Could Test Airline ETF (Benzinga)

JETS’ in rally mode as airlines enter earnings season.


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