Thursday Hot Reads: Scoop On Vanguard’s Factor ETFs

February 22, 2018

Compiled by Staff


Examining Vanguard's Active Factor ETFs (Morningstar)

A peek under the hood at how the newly launched ETFs work.


3 Key Facts About Vanguard’s Factor ETFs (Barron’s)
A look at the unique features of Vanguard’s newest launches.


Why Low Returns Are Inevitable (Economist)
When valuations are high, the math points to lower returns.


Hedging With ETFs Can Be Tricky (Bloomberg)
A Bloomberg podcast considers the pros and cons of different approaches.


SEC Puts Advisors On Notice For Robo Advice (Financial Planning)

SEC revisiting how robo firms make disclosures and investment recommendations.


Brighter Growth Outlook Emboldens Fed (Bloomberg)
U.S. central bankers sent a strong message Wednesday that an expansion with “substantial underlying economic momentum” could sustain additional increases in interest rates this year.


Formidable Strength Of Junk Bond ETFs (Nasdaq)
High-yield bond ETFs demonstrated a great deal of resilience during February’s market turmoil.


Emerging Market ETFs See Growing Short Interest (Investopedia)
Short interest in key emerging markets ETFs soaring.


Good News For Electric Vehicle ETFs (Benzinga)

KARS’ and ‘EKAR’ may be new, but their fundamentals look strong.

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