Thursday Hot Reads: Hang On, Small Cap ETF Investors!

May 04, 2017

Compiled by Staff

Small-Cap ETF Investors: Hang On! (WisdomTree)
If holding equities over long periods of time has generated strong historical returns, holding small-cap equities has done even better. But the drawdowns have made it tougher for investors to hang on.


Morgan Stanley Drops Vanguard Mutual Funds (Reuters)
Firm will continue to offer Vanguard exchange-traded funds.

More ETFs Getting Put On Deathwatch (InvestmentNews)
Twelve more funds swam with the fishes last month.


The Mystery Of The Stubbornly Low Volatility Index Is Deepening (Bloomberg Markets)
The level of investment in VIX-related products raises the question of what will happen if the VIX spikes.


Manage ETF Liquidity Risk To Avoid Dreaded 'Bombshell' (Seeking Alpha)
How to avoid getting caught in a liquidity crunch in ETFs.


ETFs Close In On Market Dominance (FTAdviser)
ETFs dominate inflows, while passive investing nears an important tipping point.


Leveraged ETFs Fall Out Of Fashion As Market Waves Subside (MarketWatch)
Major leveraged funds have seen massive drops in assets and volume in a low-volatility environment.


Bernanke Questions Strategy & Timing Of Trump Tax Cut Plans (Bloomberg)
Former U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke said the Trump administration’s plans to cut personal tax rates appear ill-timed and may do little to spur a higher rate of economic growth.


Managing Risk While Heading For Returns (Indexology)
Returns are one of the key influencers of investment decisions. However, poor governance can result in failures, as too much emphasis on returns may result in ignoring the need to manage risk.


Trump, Tech & Shareholder Yield (MainStay Investments)
Thinking ahead, we asked Global Investment Strategist Kevin Hebner of Epoch Investment Partners to weigh in on the potential upside and downside risks going forward. 


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