Thursday Hot Reads: Small Cap Growth Funds Fail …

November 02, 2017

Compiled by Staff


99% Of Small Cap Growth Funds Underperformed (Reformed Broker)
The evidence-based investor’s answer to this: Why bother even playing?


3 Plausible Outcomes For CME's Bitcoin Foray (Bloomberg) 

Only one leads to bitcoin becoming a widely accepted financial commodity.


Bitcoin Futures May Help Case For Bitcoin ETF (CNBC)

Barrier to bitcoin ETFs becoming reality may soon be removed.


Bitcoin Bubble (Economist)

The dominant reason for buying bitcoin at the moment is that it is rising in price.

Robo Advisors, ETFs Match Made In Heaven? (The Street)

Automation will drive further penetration of ETFs.


Weighty Question Of ETF Growth (BlackRock)

Are ETFs getting too big, too fast?


How Dangerous Are ETFs? (Market Mogul)

The dire 2015 warning from AllianceBernstein's CEO has yet to be realized. But that doesn't mean it won't.


1st AI-Run Global ETF Makes Own Managers Nervous (Bloomberg)

“We don’t know what the computer will do,” Horizons exec says.


Time To Change Your Number? (MSCI) 

The trouble with indexes that have a fixed number of constituents.


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