Thursday Hot Reads: A Step By Step Guide To ETF Investing

May 25, 2017

Compiled by Staff


How To Invest In ETFs: A Step-By-Step Guide (
The very basics to get started with ETFs for novice investors. 


These ETFs Can Help Fight Interest Rate Risk (Morningstar)
None of the options is perfect, but there are several fixed-income ETFs for investors looking to manage the rising rate threat.


Greece: ETF Sinks Anew As IMF & Germany Squabble (Barron’s)
Greece needs $7 billion to pay bills in July, and progress on a bailout disbursement is once again stalled.

San Francisco Goes From First To Worst In US Home-Price Gauge (Bloomberg)
San Francisco was the country’s weakest market in the first quarter, with values falling for the first time since 2011.


What We’re Telling Clients About European Stocks (The Reformed Broker)
This January, we made a shift in our clients’ portfolios to overweight European stocks and underweight U.S. stocks relative to the global benchmarks.


Traders Spooked After Night Of Sharp, Violent Moves On All Asset Classes (ZeroHedge)
Volatility may be low, but unexpected gaps and violent moves that saw everything from S&P 500 futures to the Chinese currency to oil move unpredictably, put traders across the globe on edge.


Why & How To Trade Soaring Euro With ETFs (Seeking Alpha)
There are more funds to consider than simple eurozone equity ETFs.


Investors Latch On To Robotics ETFs (FMD Capital)
In technology, everyone is constantly looking for the next big thing. One of the emerging frontiers in this race is the application of robotics and artificial intelligence in our everyday lives.


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