Thursday Hot Reads: Value Surpasses High Beta As Top Factor

February 23, 2017

Compiled by Staff


Value Surpasses High Beta As Top Factor (Invest With An Edge)
Following months of no change at the top of the factor rankings, the value factor has finally replaced high beta in the top slot.


Vanguard Eyes Passive Invasion Into Europe (Bloomberg)
The Vanguard Group smells an opportunity. The world’s largest mutual fund company is betting the passive investment model it pioneered in the U.S. is about to seize more of a foothold in Europe, and it’s lining up for a piece of the action.


Fed Minutes Suggest Hike May Come Soon (Bloomberg Markets)
The minutes from the most recent Fed meeting indicate an interest rate hike may happen soon to avert the risk of an overheated economy. 


Municipals: Location, Location, Location (MainStay Investments)
It turns out location applies to more than just real estate. Location matters for municipal bond portfolios.


3 Reasons Bond Investors Needn't Panic About Rising Rates (Capital Ideas)
Is the bull market for bonds over? With the Federal Reserve poised to raise rates in 2017, should one sell their fixed Income? In any environment, bonds perform several roles in overall asset allocation.


Will Bitcoin ETF Win Approval? (Bloomberg)
Bloomberg analyst Eric Balchunas discusses the odds of whether the proposed Winklevoss Bitcoin Trust will win approval from the SEC.


Trump: Tax Reform Plan 'Very Well Finalized' But Will Come After Obamacare Repeal (CNBC)
President Donald Trump said Wednesday that a Republican tax reform plan is nearly done but reiterated it will come after an Affordable Care Act repeal measure.


Mardi Gras In The Markets?  (BlackRock Blog)
With markets giving in to animal spirits, investors may want to become more selective with regard to where they put their money.


Lower Retirement Spending Changes Safe Withdrawal Math (Kitces) 
The "4% rule" doesn't reflect retirees' decreasing rates of spending.



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