Thursday Hot Reads: Why ETFs Aren’t A Fad

September 28, 2017

Compiled by Staff


Why ETFs Aren't A 'Fad' (WisdomTree Blog)

Debunking the idea that ETFs are causing a market bubble. 


How To Invest In Commodities (A Wealth Of Common Sense)

The best way to approach the commodity space.


Case For Int'l Diversification (Morningstar)

Although benefits likely to be modest for U.S. investors, it's still worth it.


Gold Traders Seek Inverse ETFs To Capture Fallout (Nasdaq)

As yellow metal prices pull back, bullion prices and related minor sector lose luster. 


Big-Name Investors Dumping Popular ETFs (Forbes)

Growing chorus of professional money managers express caution about stock market.


How ETF Investors Are Allocating To China (Investopedia)

Broader EM benchmarks and ETFs surge, with help from China.


Give Your Portfolio To A Black Box? (Reformed Broker)

Approach stands in stark contrast to what ETF advisors are doing.


MLPs & MLP ETFs Going Extinct? (Seeking Alpha)

MLPs need additional support before index buying.


Reversals Of Fortune: EMs & Japan (BlackRock)

Why Japan’s equity market may outperform emerging markets.


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