Thursday Hot Reads: 5 ETF Plays As Yellen Gives Hawkish Signals

February 16, 2017

Compiled by staff


Yellen Gives Hawkish Signals: 5 ETF Plays (
There are ways to profit from rising rates. We highlight a few ETF ways.


Dutch Speed Trader Hasn't Lost Money In ETFs Since 2014 (Bloomberg)
Algorithmic trading firm Flow Traders NV has racked up 31 months without a single day of losses, making the Dutch company one of the big winners from the spread of ETFs.


iShares' Tucker: Mistakes Bond Investors Make (BlackRock Blog)
Don't get distracted from your goals, says iShares' head of fixed-income strategy.


GLD Gets Sharia-Compliant Approval (Yahoo)
GLD gets certified as Sharia-compliant by the Accounting and Auditing Organization for Islamic Financial Institutions, opening it to Muslim investors who abide by the organization's standards. 


Strategy & Structure Make ETFs Tax Efficient (Morningstar)
ETFs are often lauded for their superior tax efficiency. But are they really unique from their index mutual fund brethren in this respect? What are the underpinnings of ETFs’ tax advantages? This article covers the sources of that tax efficiency in detail.


Inflation Is Back. Here's What's Driving Prices Higher (CNBC)
After a long pause since the Great Recession—punctuated by worries about falling prices—consumers are paying more each month for goods and services in what seems to be a sustained pickup in rising prices.

Has India’s Economy Recovered From The Shock Currency Recall? (Capital Ideas)
Can India maintain its status as the world’s fastest-growing economy after a massive currency recall in late 2016 left consumers and businesses strapped for cash?


XIV Loses Its Mind; Plus, The Correlation Explanation For Low VIX (Schaeffer’s Research)
Bernie Schaeffer talks about March VIX futures and the inverse ETN XIV "losing its mind" after peaking earlier this week.


Here’s The ‘Catalyst’ For The Market's Inexplicable Surge: A $17 Billion Trade Gone Wrong (ZeroHedge)
The linear surge in the U.S. stock market may be directly linked to a major fund needing to short-cover a multibillion-dollar position. Here’s why.  



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