Thursday’s Hot Reads: You Can Bet On Proposed Bitcoin ETF’s Approval

February 09, 2017

Compiled by Staff


You Can Now Bet On Whether Bitcoin Winklevoss ETF Will Go Live (
A new prediction market is targeting one of the industry's biggest unanswered questions.


Trump Misses Tax Reform Opportunity (The Big Picture)
Barry Ritholtz argues Trump echoed Obama's mistakes by not taking on corporate tax reform in the early days of his administration.


Midcaps: Overlooked Asset Class (
Midcap stocks offer unique characteristics and an impressive performance history.


Most Important Component In Any Long-Term ETF Strategy (FMD Capital)
The data behind ETF asset flows and fund returns continues to signify a tremendous deficiency in net performance for individual investors. Much of this gap can be attributed to behavioral choices.


The Calming Of Stock Volatility (Bloomberg)
It’s very difficult to predict when volatility will rear its ugly head, but it will happen at some point in the future. Investors need to understand volatility is a natural outcome in the markets, and it is cyclical and doesn’t always lead to the outcome most would assume.


The Real Danger With ETFs (Bloomberg)
While the perceived perils have indeed not fully manifested themselves, it's clear that ETFs are transforming the behavior of markets. This may end up exacerbating mini corporate bubbles that pop up in unpleasant ways.


Hidden Risk In orporate Bond Market (CNBC)
The combination of corporate bonds and ETFs has had the unintended consequence of lowering returns for all bond investors—from large firms to individual investors to retirees, says the author. 


Everyone Suddenly Worried About This US Mortgage-Bond Whale (Bloomberg)
The Fed is finally talking about unwinding its grand experiment in monetary policy. When it happens, the knock-on effects in the bond market could pose a threat to the U.S. housing recovery.


This New ETF May Be Perfect Investment For These Trying Times (TheStreet)
Worldwide geopolitical uncertainty is causing both the dollar and gold prices to rise. Is GLDW a panacea?


Germany Rules Out Greek Debt Cut: 'It Would Have To Exit The Currency Area' (ZeroHedge)
Greece’s debt again taking center stage in troubled eurozone.


Where Do SPDR Fees Go? Check The Ice At Madison Square Garden (Bloomberg)
State Street’s ETF brand is popping up in some strange places as firm’s use of ‘12b-1’ fees provides hefty marketing budget.

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