Tues. Hot Reads: Biggest Threat To ETFs

January 29, 2019

Compiled by ETF.com Staff


Death Of The Fund & What Comes Next (Investment News)
How direct-indexing technology will make mutual funds and ETFs obsolete.


Are Rising Rates Actually Good For Bond Investors? (BlackRock)
Why your investment time horizon should change your viewpoint on rising rates.


What's Behind The Bank ETF's Rally? (MarketWatch)
Financial services looking to shed its laggard status this year.


2 Questions When Setting Your Asset Allocation (Morningstar)
Determining your risk capacity and tolerance can help get you in the right ballpark for your stock/bond mix.


Active ETFs Aren’t An Oxymoron (VW)
It's conventional wisdom says active investing strategies are starting to die while passive investing has become the law of the land, but things aren’t so simple.


Biggest Energy ETF Has Worst Week In 18 Months (Bloomberg)
Oil slides below $52 after climbing 27% from its low.


Small Caps: Responsible Repurchasers (WisdomTree)
Reports on share buybacks tend to focus on large-caps, but small-caps are just as important.


SEC Back To Work (Think Advisor)
But expect slow response times.


Who Owns All The Stocks & Bonds? (Wealth Of Common Sense)
Humans are the one constant in the markets, and human nature doesn’t change.


Authorities Break Up Active Mgmt Cell (Reformed Broker)
We need to restrict their trading until we find out what’s going on.


Asset Managers Owned By Women, Minorities Must Work 10X Hard For Assets (Institutional Investor)
Study finds diverse-owned firms control only a fraction of industry capital, despite good performance.

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