Tues. Hot Reads: Death Of Index Investing?

September 11, 2018

Compiled by ETF.com Staff


The Death Of Passive Management? (Institutional Investor)

Passive funds have trounced active peers in recent years. But they aren't a safe bet.


How Blockchain Is Powering Our Future (Visual Capitalist)

Infographic explains how blockchain works and its implications for the future.


2018 Fourth-Quarter Forecast (Stratfor)

Global forecast for final quarter shows little respite for careworn countries, trade agreements under strain, and trouble ahead in emerging markets.


Zero Not The Floor, Just The Beginning (ETF Stream) 

More than fund providers will be affected; index providers will feel downward pressure.


Wary Investors Embrace Defensive ETFs (Barron’s)

ETF providers cater to investors’ fear of a stock setback with funds designed to insulate them from trouble.


Preparing For Hurricane Season With ETFs (Zacks)

Investors can track these sector ETFs before every Atlantic hurricane season.


Younger Workers Favor Target-Date Funds (Think Advisor)

TDFs' high equity focus for early-career employees attracts younger investors, says new report.


Semiconductor ETF Loses Record Cash Amid Global Chipmaker Rout (Bloomberg)

'SOXX' lost $393 million last week on poor earnings reports and weak sector outlook.


What Technicals Are Saying About Currency Markets (WisdomTree)

Investors ignoring momentum in foreign exchange market may be exposing themselves to undue risk.


How To Beat The Bank, By A Former Banker (Evidence Based Investor)

The Reformed Banker reveals industry’s secrets.


Trade Remains Top Concern For Global Markets (Invesco)

As U.S. talks trade with Canada and China, emerging markets feel pressure.


Emerging Markets In Bear Market Territory (Bespoke Investing)

MSCI Emerging Markets Index down 20% from its January high.


Performance Trickery (Indexology)

Make sure you dig into the facts behind claims of outperformance.

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