Tues. Hot Reads: Ditch These High Priced Index Funds

August 07, 2018

Compiled by ETF.com Staff


Ditch These High-Priced Index Funds Now (Barron's)
There are 112 mutual funds tracking the S&P 500. Their average expense ratio? 0.51%.


Traders To Get Alerts On VIX Turbulence (Bloomberg)
Traders will receive alerts if Cboe spots unusual developments.


Will Human-Based Advisory Services Die? (Alpha Architect)
Academic article looks into the current and future roles of robo advisors.


Valuations Remain Hurdle In Japan (Invesco)
Japan has been a market where investors have been buying growth, and the opportunity set remains limited. But there are two opportunities.


Are ETFs Or Mutual Funds More Tax Efficient? (Forbes)
Why ETFs win in this category.


Your Fees Are B.S. (Institutional Investor)
There's an obvious solution to the age-old quandary of money management fees.


Unloved Pipeline ETFs Find Buyers Again After Big Buyout (Bloomberg)
'AMLP' has its first inflows since June after close of $27.5 billion deal.


Analysts: Economic Growth To Top 3%, But Will Recede (CNBC)
Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley raised their expectations for economic growth in 2018.


Forget A-Shares; KWEB Is Best China Play (Seeking Alpha)
A-shares are less important than exposure to China's consumer tech space offered by ‘KWEB.’


Active, Passive Ways To Avoid Getting Bitten By FANGs (FA Magazine)
There are different ways investors can take action to reduce their exposure to soaring FANG stocks.


The Case For A Bitcoin ETF (ETF Educator)
Nate Geraci’s “public comment” to the SEC on a proposed bitcoin ETF.


Why A Bitcoin ETF May Arrive Soon (Investopedia)
Reasons proponents of bitcoin ETFs should remain optimistic.

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