Tues. Hot Reads: ETFs For Rising Rates

October 09, 2018

Compiled by ETF.com Staff


ETF Winners When Rates Are Climbing (CNBC)

‘OIH’ is the best-performing ETF in the month of a rising rate environment.


ETF Investors Look For Cover (BlackRock)
ETF flows help explain why investors are so edgy.


IMF Cuts Forecast For Global Growth (Bloomberg)

Fund downgrades world outlook for first time since July 2016.


Earnings Bell Rings For These Leveraged ETFs (MarketWatch)

New earnings season an opportunity for active traders to engage leveraged ETFs.


What Trying To Time The Market Will Cost You (Institutional Investor)

New data show missing out on a market's best quarters can decimate returns.


US Stock Market Returns Going To Look Better & Better (Washington Post)

Starting next year, 2008 drops off 10-year return charts.


Fixed-Income Funds Remained Resilient In 3Q (Morningstar)

Uncertainties abounded over the period, though strong technical backdrops provided some stability.


Xi Vs Mao: Emerging Market Battle (WisdomTree)

Legacy of the old days leaves a tale of two business models; we find a great example of this in emerging markets.


Gatekeepers (The Belle Curve)

Investment consultants have exacerbated the looming underfunded pension catastrophe.


Time To Take Some Risk Off The Table (Think Advisor)
Investing legend Howard Marks says odds have shifted against you.


What To Know About A New Kind Of ETF (WSJ)
Pros and cons of “active ETFs,” which fans say combine the best of actively managed mutual funds and index funds.

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